[webkit-dev] asynchronous function question

Jack Wootton jackwootton at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 06:25:08 PDT 2009

Hi all,

Assuming I have a JS function:


And it has a corresponding C implementation, by setting
JSObjectCallAsFunctionCallback.  The C function has the following

JSValueRef X_imp(JSContextRef ctx,
						JSObjectRef function,
						JSObjectRef thisObject,
						size_t argumentCount,
						const JSValueRef arguments[],
						JSValueRef *exception);

My question surrounds making the JavaScript call asynchronous.

In order to make the JS call to x(); asynchronous then the C function
X_imp must return a JSValueRef (even if it's null) before any
calculations are actually complete.  However returning from the
function would mean that all parameters provided to X_imp are no
longer accessible, indeed the function has finished executing, so any
variables created inside X_impl be removed from the stack.  For this
reason I can't see how spawning a new thread or creating any objects
inside X_imp would help in the implementation of making x();

If a new thread was spawned inside X_imp, then there still seems to be
a problem because X_imp must still return / complete.


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