[webkit-dev] exposing the value of Accept-Language via window.navigation.acceptLanguage ?

Alexey Proskuryakov ap at webkit.org
Wed Jul 22 22:23:53 PDT 2009

22.07.2009, в 16:41, Jungshik Shin (신정식, 申政湜)  

> Some web apps/widgets/browser extensions can also benefit from knowing
> the ordered list of languages in Accept-Language.

I should note that Safari only sends one language. The reasons for  
this are:
- protecting users' privacy, as a list of spoken languages can help  
identify a site visitor better than the primary preferred language;
- improving Web compatibility, as servers happen to have most weird  
problems with complicated Accept-Language strings.

So, the difference between Accept-Language and navigator.language is  
very minimal for us.

22.07.2009, в 20:21, Maciej Stachowiak написал(а):

> * - Kind of off topic, but I found this incredibly frustrating  
> recently when traveling in countries where I did not know the native  
> language.

Yes, this kind of auto-detection is quite frustrating, and it becomes  
even more frustrating when sites say "This content is not available in  
your country". This makes me very skeptical of any proposals that let  
sites get more information about users without their explicit consent.

- WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov

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