[webkit-dev] exposing the value of Accept-Language via window.navigation.acceptLanguage ?

Erik Arvidsson arv at chromium.org
Wed Jul 22 20:02:31 PDT 2009

I assume you mean window.navigator?

I think this is a good idea. You should bring this up the WHATWG as well.

2009/7/22 Jungshik Shin (신정식, 申政湜) <jshin at chromium.org>:
> Hi,
>  I proposed exposing the values of the Accept-Langauge  list via
> window.navigation.acceptLanguages at
>      https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27555
> This email is to get opinions (for and against) on that in case the
> bug is not noticed by many. As pointed out by ap in the bug, perhaps,
> we have to bring this up in the WHATWG as well. Before I do that, it
> may not be a bad idea to know what others her think about it.
> Currently, the UI language of a browser is exposed with
> window.navigation.language.  This can be used by a 'web application' /
> widget / browser extension to 'behave differently' per the UI
> language.
> A lot of web servers also take into account the value of
> Accept-Language HTTP header field when determining the UI language of
> their web apps or the language of contents to serve when multiple
> language versions exist.  Moreover, most browsers (Safari, Chrome,
> Firefox, IE, and so forth) allow users to add, delete, move up and
> down a language to the prioritized list of languages they understand
> Some web apps/widgets/browser extensions can also benefit from knowing
> the ordered list of languages in Accept-Language.
> One particular use case Chrome has in mind is to determine the target
> language of translation without a user-intervention.  If the source
> language is A and the A-L list has {B, C, D}, the target language can
> be determined by walking through the list and picking up the first
> language for which the translation from A is available. If 'A' is in
> the A-L list, perhaps the translation service should not be called.  (
> See http://crbug.com/14574 )
> There might be other cases of 'multi-lingual' applications where the
> knowledge of the A-L list can be helpful.
> It can be exposed by adding either of the two below to window.navigation
>     readonly attribute DOMStringList acceptLanguages // a list of
> language codes
>     readonly attribute DOMString acceptLanguages // a comma separated
> language codes
> Unlike in the Accept-Language http header field, a language in the
> list will not have a q-factor associated with it. Instead, they're
> sorted in the descending order of the priority.
> Any opinion would be welcome.
> Jungshik
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