[webkit-dev] SVN on Windows and the merits of svn:eol-style

Mark Mentovai mark at chromium.org
Tue Jul 21 17:52:31 PDT 2009

Peter Kasting wrote:
> Note that you don't always want "native" (at least I think you don't).  For
> example, in Chromium we've ended up marking .cc/.h files, as well as .sh
> files, as LF.  .sln/.vcproj are CRLF (although I'm less sure what the issue
> there is... it seems like "native" had some subtle issue or other).

We (Chromium) don't really have .sln or .vcproj files checked in any
longer, but when we did, I think they were set to "native".  I suppose
this made it easier to edit them on platforms with editors that don't
expect CRLFs.  Still, I would have chosen CRLF to make it easier to
carry diffs, whole files, and even entire tarballs between platforms.

Obviously, LF would be out because MSVS is going to write CRLFs in
.sln and .vcproj files regardless of what you tell Subversion.


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