[webkit-dev] Ideas for Box-shadow - CSS3

Raymond Irving xwisdom at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 19 08:35:49 PDT 2009

Hello ,

It's my first time posting here :)  Thanks for the great work that you guys have been doing.

I just have a simple idea for the box-shadow CSS3 property:

I would like to suggest that a "feather" or "blur" value be added to the property. This will allow designers to create soft shadows for their box model.


div#mybox {
    box-shadow: 0.2em 0.2em #CCC 2% /* 2% feather or blur value */

You could even add a box-shadow-opacity property so we can get semi-transparent shadow effect.

div#mybox {
    box-shadow-opacity: 0.5

What do you think? Is this possible?

Raymond Irving

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