[webkit-dev] Patch process - let's make it better

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton luke.leighton at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 13 04:19:38 PDT 2009

> I concur with Maciej.
>  Luke, in some other culture your posts are already considered derogatory and
>  insulting.

 dear ariya,

 i apologise for that.  i invite you to consider this, especially in
light of the subject being discussed: if there was not a deep seated
problem with the way that apple is treating people who contribute to
the webkit project, then my ire would not have been raised such that i
felt it necessary to express my frustration using swearwords, would

 saying that again, in shorter form: if there were no problems with
the patch process, there would be no swearing.

 so, if you would like to help contribute something, please help apple
take into consideration the lessons learned from #16401 so that
something like the absolutely appalling lack of respect shown for my
contributions does not happen again.


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