[webkit-dev] How to write a "hello world" example in Webkit Gtk?

Hieu Le Trung hieult at Cybersoft-VN.com
Mon Jul 6 19:44:03 PDT 2009



There is no WebKit in GTK, you must compile the WebKit and use the GtkLauncher in order to test the webkit.

You can try some GTK sample to see if GTK works well or not.





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Hi all,
I have just installed Gtk-2.16.0 on my computer. Next, I must install webkit that base Gtk but I am not able. It seems Webkit is too big(?) so that it has number of errors.
I wonder if there is a Gtk that has already integrated webkit? Because I know Qt has also itegerated Webkit in it. 
Can anybody help me to write a small example like "hello world" in Gtk Webkit?
Thank you in advance!



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