[webkit-dev] Help for Folder support for bookmark

Arsh Kapoor arsh.kapoor1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 03:01:01 PDT 2009

Hi All,

I am implementing bookmarks in folder.So,along with the bookmarks
list,bookmarks will also be stored in folders.
For that I have used a structure Folder_Record which contains two
members.foldername and parentfoldername.Now,when a bookmark is added it is
stored in the current folder.

Also UserInterface has an option something as  ADDFolder wherein you can add
new folder.Now if the current added folder has no parent,parentfoldername
becomes ROOT.But,if it has a parent than that foldername is stored as
I am using SQlite database where in the add query I am inserting values of
the folderrecord structure taken from the User Interface.

Can someone help me in implementing the check condition for
parentfoldername?As in if the present folder has no parent ,then ROOT should
be stored in database.But if there is a parent folder than that foldername
should be stored as parentfoldername in database.

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