[webkit-dev] Changes to prepare-ChangeLog

Alexey Proskuryakov ap at webkit.org
Fri Jul 3 03:20:58 PDT 2009

02.07.2009, в 18:05, Adam Roben написал(а):

>> - I prefer having "Bug NNNNN: " before the actual bug description  
>> so I don't have to parse the URL myself for the bug number.  It  
>> also acts as a visual marker when I read the ChangeLog entry.


> Here's an example entry that follows the format that I (and I think  
> Dave) like:
>> +2009-04-20  Adam Roben  <aroben at apple.com>
>> +
>> +        Change MemoryStream::createInstance to return a COMPtr
>> +
>> +        Part of Bug 25294: All WebKit/win classes should return  
>> COMPtrs from
>> +        their static constructor members
>> +        <https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25294>

FWIW, I rarely need to know the bug number alone - I need its URL to  
click or to copy/paste. On the other hand, the suggested format makes  
it so that one needs to skip over "Part of Bug 25294: " just to read  
the bug description, which is not an improvement.

> - I like putting angle brackets "<>" around the URL to set it off  
> visually from other text.

Typing those brackets is more work. It's also more difficult to copy/ 
paste the URL (you could just copy the whole line and paste it into  
Safari address bar when there were no garbage symbols around the URL)

> - I generally move the "Reviewed by" line after the bug number/ 
> description/URL.  When you're reading a ChangeLog entry/commit  
> message (especially an older one), it's generally much more  
> interesting which bug is being fixed rather than knowing who  
> reviewed it.  (Also, putting the bug description first makes git's  
> one-line description of each commit much more useful than either  
> having a list of dates and the person who wrote the patch or having  
> a list of patch reviewers.)

No strong opinion about this one. It seems natural to have the  
reviewer mentioned close to contributor (which is what we have now).

- WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov

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