[webkit-dev] Progress Indicator rules

Peter Abrahamsen rainhead at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 16:51:20 PDT 2009

Good day, everyone,

As a web developer, I've tried to find an explanation of when
Webkit/Safari decides that the page is done loading, but come up

I want to issue a long-lived XHR relatively soon after page load to
receive events from a server. Unfortunately, if I do this even a
second or so after onload fires, the XHR will cause the load progress
indicator to stay on permanently. I have to wait several seconds - 3-5
or so before issuing the request for it not to be considered
(apparently) part of the initial page load.

Can anyone explain, or has someone already, the sequence of events
while loading the page, in terms of DOM events and the progress
("busy") indicator? How can I know from javascript that the page load
is complete, since this is apparently not the case before onload

Many thanks,

Peter Abrahamsen

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