[webkit-dev] Multiple location providers in Geolocation API

Steve Block steveblock at google.com
Tue Jan 27 10:44:46 PST 2009

> I think that the most accurate response should be returned, especially if it
> is already known.
OK, that seems reasonable.

> I
> think having multiple providers will be the exception rather than the rule,
> so I designed around that assumption.
I'm not sure that this is true, as many devices will have GPS - high
end phones as well as laptops.

>> On a related note, each time a new request is made, the PostionOptions
>> for that request are passed to the GeolocationService by calling
>> startUpdating(PositionOptions*). This allows the GeolocationService to
>> estimate which location sources are needed (ie whether GPS is to be
>> used) for all currently executing requests. However, this will always
>> be an upper bound, as there's no way to remove sources from the list.
>> Again, is this intentional?
Even if we choose to share the results of all providers between all
currently active requests, I think we should still limit the use of
'enableHighAccuracy' providers to times when a request specifying this
option is in progress. In the current implementation, once a request
has been made with enablehighAccuracy=true, all subsequent requests
will use the 'expensive' providers, until all current requests have
completed. What do you think?


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