[webkit-dev] What's up with the Chromium bots?

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Sun Jan 25 23:38:41 PST 2009

There are two Chromium bots in the open source WebKit buildbot.

They permanently seem to say "1077 regressions found". Also, since  
they build only JavaScriptCore at the moment, it seems, they are  
making it hard to read the rest of the buildbot output, because their  
build cycles are faster than all the rest and cause the other ones to  
stretch out a lot farther vertically. And despite only compiling  
JavaScriptCore, they also seem to be running a failing test called  

Is there something we can do to make these useful or at least get them  
out of the way? At the moment they're always red and there's no way  
for folks working on WebKit to fix them and make them green.

     -- Darin

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