[webkit-dev] Extending webkit javascript

Nilesh Patil vniles at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 20:43:42 PST 2009


I am not really sure which example/reference you are following.
If u need to call some native functions in JavaScript, JavaScript
interpreter should be aware of that functions/native component you are
trying to access.
So process would be to implement such mechanism in JavaScriptCore. You
can look at example how its been done for some standard JavaScript
objects and
their properties.

You will find corresponding source in WebCore/bindings ,
WebCore/bindings/js and JavaScriptCore/kjs/bindings.

Thanks & Regards
2009/1/17  <webkitdev at aol.com>:
> Hi,
> I am trying to extend the javascript to invoke custom C code in webkit.
> Basically my requirement is to load a webpage that contains the UI built in
> Java script and on some user actions, I need to call C library functions on
> Linux. I looked at the testapi.c in API directory and added similar
> functions in GtkLauncher program(main.c) to add "MyObject". But when a I
> load a webpage containing "MyObject" I am getting error "ReferenceError:
> Can't find variable: MyObject". Then I copied the entire testapi.c into
> GtkLauncher main.c, replaced main() with test_main() and invoked the
> test_api() (along with a few tweaks for the header files .). This way I am
> able to get all the tests (testapi.js) succeed, but I am still getting the
> "ReferenceError". Looking at the code, I see that there is a context that is
> passed, which I believe is not passed to the webview. Is there a way in
> which I can use the same context as the webview and add my object?
> Regards,
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