[webkit-dev] Canvas color CSS parsing performance

Dean McNamee deanm at chromium.org
Sun Jan 4 14:52:09 PST 2009

I've been working on some canvas code that is an animation doing many
fills of different colors.  I've spent some time profiling my code,
and the majority of time (over 8%) spent in WebKit is in the CSS
parser.  The current canvas spec only allows you to set colors as a
string that goes through the CSS parser "rgb(1, 2, 3)", etc, or as a
gradient.  The gradient color points are also CSS color strings, so
creating gradients also requires going through the parser.

Does anyone have thoughts on allowing fillStyle / strokeStyle (and
probably the gradient color points also) to take an array of RGB /
RGBA?  This would allow for much more efficient color setup, and would
be a very trivial change to the current DOM binding code.  I can
submit a bug and patch to make the sfx / v8 DOM binding changes, but
since it's something standardsy, I wanted to make sure to put it out
there and solicit opinions.

I think it's a pretty big weakness now that the only way you can set
colors has to go through such a heavy parsing path.


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