[webkit-dev] Getting more buildbots green

Pam Greene pam at chromium.org
Sun Jan 4 13:57:41 PST 2009

On Sat, Jan 3, 2009 at 11:41 AM, Darin Adler <darin at apple.com> wrote:
> Looking at the buildbot I see a few broken regression tests:
>     fast/text/find-case-folding.html — Looks like I broke this one when I
> introduced the ICU usearch-based text searching. I'll try to fix it.
>     editing/selection/move-left-right.html — The failure here is curious.
> The actual test output seems to be unchanged, but all the WARNING lines
> mentioning moving in the wrong direction seem to be missing. Mitz, can you
> help?
>     fast/dom/dom-constructors.html — This test needs a result for GTK that
> indicate lack of an <audio> element or it needs to be in the skipped list.
>     dom — There are many failures in the GTK bot due to a full URL rather
> than partial URL showing up somewhere that causes the DOM test machinery to
> report errors that include full paths. These should be fixed or added to the
> GTK skipped list.
>     fast/dom/Window/timeout-released-on-close.html — Failing on GTK, not
> sure why.
>     fast/encoding/char-decoding-mac.html — Needs custom results or a skipped
> list since the GTK build does not support these encodings.
>     fast/events/special-key-events-in-input-text.html — Failing on GTK due
> to lack of eventSender. Needs to be added to the skipped list.
>     fast/forms/textarea-selection-preservation.html — Failing on GTK, not
> sure why. A recent regression?
>     fast/loader/plain-text-document.html, fast/xsl/xslt-text.html — Failing
> on GTK, not sure why the frame name is being generated with the
> text someFloatString in it.
>     ecma/String/
>     ecma/String/
>     ecma/String/
>     ecma_2/String/match-002.js
>     js1_5/String/regress-107771.js — Failing on GTK. Is lastIndexOf really
> broken on GTK? I'm quite surprised to see platform-specific failures in the
> JavaScriptCore tests. Anyone have any insight?
> And some intermittent failures:
>     http/tests/webarchive/test-preload-resources.html
>     http/tests/webarchive/test-css-url-encoding-shift-jis.html
>     http/tests/webarchive/test-css-url-encoding-utf-8.html
>     http/tests/webarchive/test-css-url-encoding.html — Various web archive
> tests seem to be intermittently failing on Mac because of connections that
> close. The results of these tests seem to depend on keep alive and our test
> HTTP run of Apache doesn't seem to work consistently.
>     http/tests/appcache/offline-access.html — Seems to have timed out once
> on Mac.
>     fast/dom/Window/timeout-released-on-close.html — Seems to have failed
> once on Mac.
>     ecma_3/Date/
>     ecma_3/Date/ — These tests seem to toggle between success and
> failure on the GTK and WX bots based perhaps on time of day or time zone?
> This is particularly troublesome because we don't have a skipped list for
> JavaScript tests. Maybe we can tweak the script we use to run these tests to
> ignore these intermittent failures?
> And also a lot of slaves seem to be down. There are lots of "38 pending" on
> the waterfall, and I am not sure why. It seems strange that the Chromium
> slaves would have disappeared at the same time as the Mac Intel and Windows
> slaves.

I don't know where the Mac Intel and Windows slaves are located, but
the Chromium ones have been gone since a power line got knocked down
in Mountain View late on December 23 (PST). I rebooted the machines on
the 29th, but apparently they're not set up to rejoin on reboot, and I
didn't have the login information.

Anyway, I'm sure they'll be back once everyone's back at work tomorrow.

- Pam

> I'd love to set up the skipped lists properly and fix enough bugs so that
> all our bots are green. Can you help? Maybe there are already bug reports
> about some of these.
>     -- Darin
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