[webkit-dev] Getting more buildbots green

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Sat Jan 3 11:41:10 PST 2009

Looking at the buildbot I see a few broken regression tests:

     fast/text/find-case-folding.html — Looks like I broke this one  
when I introduced the ICU usearch-based text searching. I'll try to  
fix it.

     editing/selection/move-left-right.html — The failure here is  
curious. The actual test output seems to be unchanged, but all the  
WARNING lines mentioning moving in the wrong direction seem to be  
missing. Mitz, can you help?

     fast/dom/dom-constructors.html — This test needs a result for GTK  
that indicate lack of an <audio> element or it needs to be in the  
skipped list.

     dom — There are many failures in the GTK bot due to a full URL  
rather than partial URL showing up somewhere that causes the DOM test  
machinery to report errors that include full paths. These should be  
fixed or added to the GTK skipped list.

     fast/dom/Window/timeout-released-on-close.html — Failing on GTK,  
not sure why.

     fast/encoding/char-decoding-mac.html — Needs custom results or a  
skipped list since the GTK build does not support these encodings.

     fast/events/special-key-events-in-input-text.html — Failing on  
GTK due to lack of eventSender. Needs to be added to the skipped list.

     fast/forms/textarea-selection-preservation.html — Failing on GTK,  
not sure why. A recent regression?

     fast/loader/plain-text-document.html, fast/xsl/xslt-text.html —  
Failing on GTK, not sure why the frame name is being generated with  
the text someFloatString in it.

     js1_5/String/regress-107771.js — Failing on GTK. Is lastIndexOf  
really broken on GTK? I'm quite surprised to see platform-specific  
failures in the JavaScriptCore tests. Anyone have any insight?
And some intermittent failures:

     http/tests/webarchive/test-css-url-encoding.html — Various web  
archive tests seem to be intermittently failing on Mac because of  
connections that close. The results of these tests seem to depend on  
keep alive and our test HTTP run of Apache doesn't seem to work  

     http/tests/appcache/offline-access.html — Seems to have timed out  
once on Mac.

     fast/dom/Window/timeout-released-on-close.html — Seems to have  
failed once on Mac.

     ecma_3/Date/ — These tests seem to toggle between  
success and failure on the GTK and WX bots based perhaps on time of  
day or time zone? This is particularly troublesome because we don’t  
have a skipped list for JavaScript tests. Maybe we can tweak the  
script we use to run these tests to ignore these intermittent failures?

And also a lot of slaves seem to be down. There are lots of "38  
pending" on the waterfall, and I am not sure why. It seems strange  
that the Chromium slaves would have disappeared at the same time as  
the Mac Intel and Windows slaves.

I'd love to set up the skipped lists properly and fix enough bugs so  
that all our bots are green. Can you help? Maybe there are already bug  
reports about some of these.

     -- Darin

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