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Raj Kiran Talusani rajkiran.talusani at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 00:53:37 PST 2009


You are right. I was using SpiderMonkey before switching to JavaScriptCore.
And i am developing on Android plaform. on Android, public API is not
compiled into the libraries.. so i am using kjs API from Interpreter.h. Is
there anyway i can implement scopes using the private/internal API. any


PS: i had sent this mail to Android list, but didnot not get any response.
So i thought its better to talk to the original developers.

If you are wrapping JavaScriptCore you should use the public API, not the
> internals. The public API is in headers like JSBase.h, JSValueRef.h,
> JSObjectRef.h, and JSClassRef.h. However, the public API doesn't have any
> concept of explicitly creating scopes; instead scopes are created by the
> engine automatically for the various language constructs that require them.
> An explicit way to create a scope doesn't seem to be necessary API for use
> of the engine, and there are other reasons not to add it — different scopes
> have different semantics in the language. I'm assuming this requirement is
> baggage from whatever engine previously implemented this js_push_scope API.
>    -- Darin
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