[webkit-dev] Multiple Target Problems on Mac

Bruce Cresanta bruce at cresanta.com
Tue Feb 24 12:54:12 PST 2009


	I am new to Webkit, and I'm noticing a fair amount of problems with  
the Debug/Release targets for WebKit.

1)  The compiler can only find the DOM header files when it is set to  
2)  When the release target is selected, following links in the  
WebView does not always result in a page redraw.   I have to manually  
resize the window for a redraw to take effect.
      Does anyone know how to redisplay the contents of a Webframe?

3)  When the debug target is selected, the compiler cannot find the  
DOM headers.
4)  The page refreshes appropriately in Debug mode.

The behavior is the same whether I build WebKit with --debug or not.

Would someone help me get Debug or Release to work correctly?

Thank you,


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