[webkit-dev] An old dragging problem

Eric Gorr mailist at ericgorr.net
Tue Feb 24 10:11:42 PST 2009

A few years ago I was playing around with dragging text & images. from  
the web browser to elsewhere. A couple of old threads related to this  
can be found at:


My test site can be found at:


Since I just tried the latest Safari 4 beta and found that it is still  
a problem, I was wondering if it is indeed still a bug or of things  
are working the way one would expect them to.

Years ago, it was confirmed as a bug and apparently fixed in a later  
version of webkit, but since that time (Safari 2.x), things have  
actually gotten worse and what used to work in Safari no longer does.  
(I also checked the latest nightly build of webkit.)

While I have reported the bug at bugreport.apple.com, I can report it  
again at https://bugs.webkit.org/ if someone thought it was useful to  
do so.

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