[webkit-dev] writing NPAPI plugins for <video> tag

Sriram Neelakandan sriram.neelakandan at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 01:28:10 PST 2009

Is there an NPAPI plugin extension available to say that the plugin
supports <video> tag
For example a set of methods / properties, which map directly to <video> tag.
i.e play(), pause(), etc..map to a direct NPAPI method on the plugin
with the same JS name

I am not sure if this is what is called as proxy plugin for <video> tag.

>From the code in RenderPartObject.cpp
serviceType = "application/x-media-element-proxy-plugin";
it is clear that  the plugin should support this new mime-type..

1. Please correct me if the above observation is incorrect
2. Is there any other requirements that the plugin needs to meet ?
3. Is there a sample NPAPI proxy plugin  ..  probably based on
gstreamer or mplayer .
4. Is there some documentation related to NPAPI extension for <video>
tag handling ?

Sriram Neelakandan
Author - Embedded Linux System Design And Development

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