[webkit-dev] Xcopy: Cannot perform a cyclic copy

zeeshan hseez zeehseez at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 14:10:21 PST 2009

I am working on a university project to build a webbrowser using WebKit
framework for my class. I followed all the instruction on the
webkit.orgpage, however, i get an error when i try to build webkit.
The error message:

"Microsoft (R) Visual Studio Version 8.0.50727.762.
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-2005. All rights reserved.
1>------ Build started: Project: JavaScriptCoreGenerated, Configuration:
Release Win32 ------
1>Performing Makefile project actions
1> xcopy /y/d/e/i "..\..\..\WebKitLibraries\win\tools"
1>Cannot perform a cyclic copy
1>0 File(s) copied"

This is the first error that occurs. I know why Xcopy fails, but i don't
know what i have to change to make it work. If anyone has an idea or
experience with this error, please let me know. It will be very appreciated.

I am using Windows XP, Visual Studio 2005.
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