[webkit-dev] Cryptographic Tokens

pau carre pau.carre at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 07:58:25 PST 2009

Hello, according to the European Law, which affects to all countries
in European Union, citizens must be able to perform procedures with
public administration using the Web.
In Europe, the Administration is much more important than in America
or any other non "social" (not socialist) political systems.
The most spreaded system to identity citizens available is the use of
Cryptographic Tokens.
With Internet Explorer those tokens can be embedded using a secure
Active X component based on Crypto API. Firefox has a great
integration with the standard PKCS and has some custom Javascript
functions to sign content.
Another option is to use a Java Applet. This is not the best option
because most users have not the computing knowledge to install
properly a JRE, even when this installation is done automatically.
Moreover, when users have a Java desktop application, most of times
the new JRE makes that software unusable. Finally, when the JRE uses
PKCS it must open a system library so there is an important security
As Public Administration we should give the chance to the citizen to
use the preferred browser and operating system. The problem we
(Balearic Islands Government) face is that it is not possible for as
to add Cryptographic Token signature capabilities to authenticate our
citizens without using Java.
We would like Apple, Google and other companies that use WebKit to add
Javascript functions to use Cryptographic Tokens in Macintosh, Windows
and hopefully, Linux.

>From our point of view the usage of Cryptographic tokens will be
widely used by most of "social" (the opposite of "individualist", not
"capitalist") countries.

Hope you add this enhancement so as we could allow Mac, Safari and
Chrome users to our services without the usage of Java

Yours faithfully,
Pau Carré Cardona

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