[webkit-dev] Error Handling in webkit

Jenson Lui jhnlui at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 21:16:18 PST 2009

Hello all,

       Here is one of the ways to send the error signal to the upper layer from
the webkit core codes. Basically I just comment out the
ASSERT code in DocumentLoader::mainReceiveError()
and emit a GTK signal (error-load-page) in the
with the corresponding error code from Curl. So the main application
could just subscribe
the signal error-load-page, do error handling when the signal callback.

However, as I am new to webkit, I am not sure if it is the proper way
to fire event in this
particular method. Or someone could show me a better way to do it.

    Please note my webkit build is using r41053, GTK+ and Curl backend.


>Hi all
>How can I do error handling in webkit? Suppose I have given wrong URL then
>how can I show proper message? How can I handle this situation?Can you give
>sample example?
>Thanks in advance..
>Nitin Walke
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