[webkit-dev] getComputedStyle() and the content property

Johan Olsson Johan.Olsson at lbi.com
Fri Feb 6 06:59:40 PST 2009

OK, thnx!

If anyone is interested, I looped all the properties from
getComputedStyle() and put them here: http://johanolsson.net/blog/?p=18

B R,

Johan Olsson 

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On 2009-02-06, at 03:16, Johan Olsson wrote:

> Hello everyone. I'm not sure if this is the correct forum, but I  
> have a question about the getComputedStyle() in Webkit.
> In Safari 3.2.1 Win, I have not been able to extract the "content:"  
> CSS property, both with and without providing a pseudo-element for  
> getComputedStyle() (It works fine in Firefox and Opera). I noticed  
> that the method has a bunch of properties correspond to  CSS props;  
> I made a listing of them and didn't find "content"... so, I take it  
> that there is no way of getting it through getComputedStyle()?
> Since "content:" is a CSS 2.1 property and supported in CSS by  
> Webkit, I wonder if anyone knows of any rationale that it's not  
> accessible through Javascript?

It is an unintentional omission.
 > was filed about this recently.

- Mark

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