[webkit-dev] Upstreaming IDL changes for the V8 bindings

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Mon Feb 2 17:16:13 PST 2009

> I was about to upstream some patches that add #ifdefs to the WebCore  
> IDL files.  In many cases, the only delta is the removal of the  
> Custom attribute.  Eric Seidel pointed out that it might be better  
> to rename those usages of Custom to JSCCustom to avoid #ifdefs.
> This change would avoid #ifdefs in Node.idl, SVGPointList.idl,  
> SVGPathSegList.idl, and SVGTransformList.idl.  I would similarly  
> like to add a V8Custom attribute for use in the cases where the V8  
> bindings need custom code for an attribute or method.  That would  
> allow us to avoid #ifdefs in Document.idl.
> Does this sound like a good idea?

I think so.


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