[webkit-dev] An oddity with windowScriptObject:setValue and apple events

Ryan Grimm grimm at xqdev.com
Sun Feb 1 14:34:29 PST 2009

This may sound very strange (it does to me), but I've been stumped by  
this problem for weeks now so I figured I'd ask the list.

I'm working on embedding WebKit into an existing Mac application that  
exposes an API.  The API gives me a CGrafPtr to render into.  So to  
get WebKit into the window I simply call:

HIViewRef webView, contentView;

WindowRef window = GetWindowFromPort(myCGrafPtr);
HIViewFindByID(HIViewGetRoot(window), kHIViewWindowContentID,  
HIViewSetFrame(webView, &bounds);
HIViewAddSubview(contentView, webView);
HIViewSetVisible(webView, true);

Which works fantastically.  I then try to expose some new functions to  
javascript via a windowScriptObject object:

WebView* nativeView;
nativeView = HIWebViewGetWebView(webView);

[[nativeView windowScriptObject] setValue:Metadata forKey:@"metadata"];

The addition of my Metadata object into javascript also succeeds.

However, here's crux of my problem.  Whenever one of these functions  
in javascript is called (eg: window.metadata.getUser()), all of the  
apple events that the main application has registered on the window  
become unusable.  For example, if you were to execute the following  

tell application "ApplicationWithWebKit" to set user to "foobar"

It would return with an error of -1728: Can't get <reference>.  If you  
were to execute the same applescript before the javascript function is  
called it would execute correctly.

Anyone have any thoughts on what is going on here?



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