[webkit-dev] Experimenting with Mac Early Warning System

Adam Barth abarth at webkit.org
Thu Dec 31 02:13:27 PST 2009

If you see bug comments from the mac-ews, that's because I'm
experimenting with bringing a Mac Early Warning System online.  The
Mac version will be slightly different than the other EWS bots because
I don't have a license for running Mac OS X in a virtual machine.
That means the Mac version will accept patches from committers only
(just like the commit-queue and the buildbot slaves).  I'd also like
it to run the LayoutTests because the Mac LayoutTests are the least

So far, the bot has caught at least one future build break that snuck
by the Chromium and Qt EWS bots.  I'll post updated information as it
becomes available.


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