[webkit-dev] build system for wince port

Patrick Roland Gansterer paroga at paroga.com
Mon Dec 28 12:25:01 PST 2009

Jason Rukman:
> We have a working wince build for all components right now including
> javascrtipcore, webcore and webkit COM layers.  We'd like to help
> contribute this back in as well and work together with you on this.
Can you give me a snapshot of your code or better publish it?

When you use cairo (and curl for network?) it is "only" a cairo port. The qt 
port is working on WinCE too.
During the last days i have begun finishing most of the work from Tourch 

In my opinion the missing buildsystem is the biggest problem in the moment.

I'm very interested in all of your WinCE work! If you can share your code i 
can also help with creating patches.

Which WinCE SDK(s) do you use?

- Patrick

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