[webkit-dev] build system for wince port

Patrick Roland Gansterer paroga at paroga.com
Wed Dec 23 17:40:41 PST 2009

Currently the Windows CE port has no working build system. I'd like to 
contribute one, but i need to know the preferred solution:

(1) Add the port to the current sln/vsproj/vsprops files

    a) Extend the sln/vsproj with the additional platforms and add many
       <FileConfiguration ExcludedFromBuild="true"> and split the vspops.

    b) Add a separate "main vsproj" file (JavaScriptCore.vcproj,
       WebCore.vcproj) for the port (like code.staikos.net)

    c) Split the current "main vspoj" files into a
       platform dependent and independent file

(2) Add it to a other build system like gyp or bkl. Which one provides good 
cross compiling features for wince?

(3) Add a completely independent build system

Which one is the least ugly one? I prefer 1a in the moment.

I'd like to start with STANDARDSDK_500 (ARMV4I) and then add other supported 
STANDARDSDK_500 platforms.
Because the wince port isn't finished right now, it's only possible to provide 
it for WTF and JavaScriptCore (including tests).

Is already anything in the repository with support for cross compiling 
(something like Scripts/build-webkit)?

Is anybody _active_ working on the wince port? Most of the related bugs are 
inactive for months now.
Does anybody have the last git repository form git://code.staikos.net/WebKit-
CE before it has gone offline? (my last log message is from 2009-07-30)
I'd like to do some additional work in porting the remaining parts, when i 
have a working build system for it.

- Patick

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