[webkit-dev] How to add a new interface for ObjC bindings?

Jian Li jianli at chromium.org
Tue Dec 22 18:54:29 PST 2009

Thanks for all your information. Do you mean to add files into
MigrateHeaders.make as the following?
    $(INTERNAL_HEADERS_DIR)/DOMBlobInternal.h \

What's the difference between adding into PRIVATE_HEADERS_DIR and adding
into PUBLIC_HEADERS_DIR? Blob interface is indeed the new superclass
introduced for the existing File interface per the File API spec. Since File
has already been added into PUBLIC_HEADERS_DIR, do we need to do the same
thing for Blob?

I still can't get the generated DOMBlob.h and DOMBlobInternal.h copied into
PrivateHeaders of WebCore.framework. From the build output, I can see that
PBXCp is called for DOMFile.h, but not for DOMBlob.h. Do I need to change
other script file or makefile? Or I should change WebCore.xcodeproj to add
the generated header files. If so, which group should I add to?

On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 4:04 PM, David Kilzer <ddkilzer at webkit.org> wrote:

> All the magic for the Obj-C DOM headers happens in:
> WebCore/DerivedSources.make
> WebKit/mac/MigrateHeaders.make
> It should be added as a PrivateHeader first, if at all.  Someone else will
> have to address COM bindings since I don't know much about those.
> Dave
> *From:* Jian Li <jianli at chromium.org>
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> *Sent:* Tue, December 22, 2009 3:05:08 PM
> *Subject:* [webkit-dev] How to add a new interface for ObjC bindings?
> Hi,
> I am working on adding Blob interface based on the latest File API spec. I
> have one question about the various kinds of bindings we need to put up for
> this new interface. I got JSC and V8 bindings generated and built
> successfully. I have some problem with ObjC bindings. What's the right
> procedure to add a new interface for ObjC bindings? I could see DOMBlob.h
> being created under Debug/DerivedSources/WebCore, but not under
> Debug/WebCore.framework/PrivateHeaders and Debug/WebKit.framework/Headers as
> other interfaces do. How could I change WebCore.xcodeproj to add the build
> steps for these? Any other things I need to pay attention to?
> In addition, where do we use COM bindings? Is it only used when building
> WebKit under Windows?
> Thanks,
> Jian
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