[webkit-dev] Another Anonymous RenderObject Mystery

Alex Milowski alex at milowski.org
Thu Dec 17 23:43:38 PST 2009

Here's one that might be simple.  I build up fractions from stacking
anonymous RenderBlock instances.   The denominator has a border

When the numerator or denominator is something complicated, the
rendering and layout tends to change the overall size of the containing
fraction.  Unfortunately, the border width doesn't seem to change.

Here's my render tree:

    RenderBlock (inline-block) associated with the mfrac element

         RenderBlock (block)   numerator - anonymous

               children -> the actual numerator associated with elements

         RenderBlock (block)   denominator - anonymous (has the border)

               children -> the actual denominator associated with elements

While I could change this to use a RenderTable instance, I thought
stacking blocks would be easier.  Since my success in getting operators
to stretch, something has gone wrong with the layout of fractions.

Any ideas?

--Alex Milowski
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