[webkit-dev] JIT on Windows CE

Jason Rukman JasonR at bsquare.com
Tue Dec 15 07:45:09 PST 2009

Hi İsmail,


I’ve tried to get JIT working a couple of times on our wince build but with limited success.  There’s some strangeness going on with the crossover of arguments from the wince compiler toolchain through to the JIT code (probably with the stack frame or something like that).  My debug builds seem to run more reliably (it does crash as well eventually) but as soon as I try this same thing on a release build it blows up pretty quickly in the JITted code; the crashes are rather non-deterministic.  I’m suspicious that ctiTrampoline needs some modifications that I haven’t been able to determine for it to work reliably on wince.  




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Hi all;


I wonder if anyone is working on JIT support for Windows CE. I know the platform has lots of limitations but still I guess someone might be interested on running JIT.





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