[webkit-dev] Git patch with images

Shinichiro Hamaji hamaji at chromium.org
Wed Dec 9 07:38:57 PST 2009

Hi WebKit folks,

If you are not using git for WebKit, you can stop reading now.

With many helps from bunch of people, I added support of decoding images in
git binary patches to svn-apply and bugzilla's pretty printer. This means
you can post git format patches to bugzilla even if your patch contains
images. Bugzilla should show images in your patch properly, and commit-queue
can land your patches.

If you find bugs in them, please file a bug CCing me. Please note that the
decoders won't work if the difference of a binary is small. In this case,
git produces a patch which doesn't have entire binaries but a binary diff in
special format. This special format is not supported by both svn-apply and
bugzilla now. Anyway, I don't think this limitation is a very big issue
because image changes should be usually big (remind that a small change on a
png image makes a big difference because of zlib compression).

Thanks folks who gave me many suggestions!
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