[webkit-dev] SharedScript: next steps and result of offline discussion.

Dmitry Titov dimich at chromium.org
Thu Dec 3 19:01:27 PST 2009

Hi WebKit,

The recent discussion indicated there is a feeling that SharedScript
functionality can be achieved by other means that do not require adding new
big APIs: changing iframe a bit (so it's internals survive reparenting into
another document) and adding single getWindowByName() API.

Ian Hickson proposed this idea noting that nothing in the spec prevents
iframe from staying alive over the reparenting.  Some folks from Google met
with folks from Apple to discuss and it appears there is a consensus that we
shall remove initial code for SharedScript and instead implement changes for
iframe and getWindowByFrame(). This will not cause new API and hopefully
won't cause compatibility issues since the only scenario that will behave
differently is reparenting of the iframe between documents that is hopefully
a rare thing. Perhaps more discussion will be needed to nail details on

Separately (or related?), we discussed SharedWorkers and the way XHR works
in them. It seems a good idea to investigate a "shadow document' solution
(as Chrome does for worker processes) when a dummy document is created and
used to load resources on behalf of the worker. Also we'll try to fix couple
of bugs that prevent Workers to be reliable enough.

Thanks a lot to all who chimed in and helped to arrive to a good solution to
the same issues that SharedScript was trying to solve! :-)

Dmitry Titov
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