[webkit-dev] JSC without Dependencies

Brian Barnes ggadwa at charter.net
Mon Aug 17 11:54:12 PDT 2009

Joe Mason wrote:
> Steve Falkenburg wrote:
>> On Aug 17, 2009, at 11:04 AM, Brent Fulgham wrote:
>>>> 3) Compile all within VS (no makes or external calls) to eliminate any
>>>> additional dependencies on other tools
>>> You can already do this.  You only need cygwin to easily handle
>>> retrieving the sources, and I think the Google/Chromium guys have been
>>> working to remove this dependency.
>> This one is harder, since JavaScriptCore uses bash, make, perl, and 
>> bison (at least) from cygwin. See the JavaScriptCoreGenerated vcproj, 
>> build-generated-files.sh, DerivedSources.make.
>> I agree that it would be great to remove this dependency.
> I don't think this is worth the pain, since it's entirely a build-time 
> dependency and won't affect your generated library at all.  Is 
> installing cygwin really that hard?  (If it's a matter of bloat, can 
> you replace the cygwin tools with msys?  I haven't tried.)
> Joe 
Yes, this is the one that stops the compile, which is why I was going to 
attempt to rebuild the project from the source files (if possible.)  
It's no so much "how hard or not hard" it is to install cygwin, it's 
that most win32 development happens on VS, it's the tool most win32 
developer are used to (and a lot of them have seen no other tool), and 
it makes a bit more sense that the win32 VS compile should just require VS.

Obviously, what I'm doing has little -- read zilch -- impact on the 
important work of webkit -- so I never expected anything but maybe I 
could put together a VS project that other could use to build it easier 
on win32.  My project itself is more OS X centric, and I'd like to 
transfer the ease of use build from one to the other.

My case -- if I had to make one -- is that JS engines are getting 
embedded in lots of different application.  It's almost become the 
language of choice in lots of places -- having a JS engine that can 
compile easily in systems people are used to is nice.

(BTW: Side note: Either I missed this completely or somebody added in 
class level variables, literally within a week after I asked for it in a 
different and less effective manner.  This is a great time and code 
saver for me -- so either I'm an idiot for missing it or thanks for the 
fast work.)

[>] Brian

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