[webkit-dev] No more build breaks.

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Mon Aug 17 11:36:33 PDT 2009

If you're currently using "svn commit" or "git svn dcommit" to commit your
patches, please consider using "bugzilla-tool land-diff" instead.

1.  bugzilla-tool updates (and optionally closes) the bug for you when
you're done.

2.  bugzilla-tool makes a nice commit entry automatically for you (not quite
as cool as commit-log-editor yet, but close).

3.  MOST IMPORTANT: bugzilla-tool land-diff will automatically build and run
the layout tests before landing!
     a. Impossible break at least one platform's bots when using
     b. Impossible to inadvertently land when the tree is red!

If you don't have time to build and run the tests before committing, you can
always mark your patch for commit-queue+ instead and the commit queue script
will commit it for you (after building and running the tests).

See "bugzilla-tool --help" for more information.

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