[webkit-dev] Application caching in the browser?

Audrey Lee audrey_lee_is_me at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 15 20:15:57 PDT 2009

Hello people,

Are any of you implementing application caching in the browser?

Here is the use-case I am interested in:

End-user-Bob uses his browser to navigate to the_bob_end_user_crm_app.com

While there he navigates to these URLs:


Each of the above URLs displays dynamic HTML from Rails or an app-server.

Next, he disconnects his browser from the web.

He navigates to this URL:


He receives a message:

You are not connected to the net.
is unavailable.

He navigates to this URL:


He sees HTML which is cached in his browser via "application caching"

Are any of you doing anything like this?

I know it is possible because gmail.com exhibits this type of behavior.

I'm looking for demos/tutorials/discussions which would teach me how to do this.



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