[webkit-dev] Hi All (Windows WebKit through COM, focus issue)

Kim, ingee ingee at innoace.com
Wed Aug 12 04:48:53 PDT 2009

I suffered similar situation some days ago.
I wish I can help you.

"WebKit Windows port" calls SetCapture() 
in WM_LBUTTONDOWN handler of WebViewWndProc().
If you call ReleaseCapture() in proper position, I think, 
you may solve your problem.

I used r39476 of "WebKit Windows port". 
And in that revision, the position of ReleaseCapture() call was 
somewhat wrong. I moved ReleaseCapture() call 
to the very first line of WM_LBUTTONUP handler code and 
solved my problem.

Good Luck~

Mike-649 wrote:
> I just joined this list, so hopefully I'm not intruding...
> I recently started work on making a lightweight browser for WebKit on
> Windows through COM+.NET, which actually has been a great success. I'm
> happy to report that I'm able to use the latest nightly build (r39553)
> from within a .NET Windows Form.  I don't mind publishing the wrapper
> in the future to help further the development of WebKit, but I'm
> having an issue which is preventing me from moving forward...
> To sum it up the best I can, if I have a WebView on a form, and I call
> "setHostWindow" with that form's handle, I experience no behavioral
> issues. If I create a panel on the form, and I use that as the host
> handle, the WebView works as designed.
> But, if I create a tab control and add multiple tab pages, and use
> panels on those tabs to host the control, when the form is active, the
> WebView does not act as if it is active (it doesn't display the cursor
> for text boxes and other fields, and the safari theme for the scroll
> bar does not light up).
> The first tab page works properly, but the other tab pages display
> this behavior.
> Example of appropriate behavior on the first tab... form is active,
> control shows proper focus
> http://img49.imageshack.us/img49/9758/example1rc5.jpg
> The second tab, when it's active (and the form is active), the WebView
> control doesn't show proper focus, and the text box does not show the
> focus ring correctly either...
> http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/4653/example2tg6.jpg
> I think the easiest way to fix this problem, would be to allow manual
> control of the "active state" of the WebView control through the COM
> interface. Manually setting the state through events that fire on the
> Windows forms would be an incredibly easy task. But, I'm not sure how
> difficult it is to change the base code (if there's a lot of hoops to
> jump through), or whether or not it's actually appropriate to solve
> this problem in that manner...
> Either way, I would appreciate it a lot if someone got back to me.
> I've been trying to figure out how to get around this issue for the
> last couple days (even tried manually sending signals to the control
> via the windows API), but I haven't been able to get anything working
> yet.
> Thanks for reading,
> Mike
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