[webkit-dev] WebKit port to Sony Ericsson phones in progress

Sandblad, Andreas Andreas.Sandblad at sonyericsson.com
Tue Aug 11 05:44:36 PDT 2009


My name is Andreas Sandblad (andreas.sandblad at sonyericsson.com). I am overall responsible for the technical design of the SEMC WebKit integration (OPA port). Currently I am designing the Java WebKit API exposed to our applications.

Kind regards,

Andreas Sandblad (Sony Ericsson WebKit team)

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Subject: WebKit port to Sony Ericsson phones in progress

Hello everybody!

We are a team of developers at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, creating a new port of WebKit. This port is using the OPA platform from ST Ericsson as operating-system and toolkit-level dependencies. The underlying operating system is OSE from Enea.

In short we will call it "the OPA port".

This port is still under development and is not yet ready for release. However we are making good progress and are very impressed with WebKit.

We would like to introduce some members of our team that may be asking questions and joining discussions on this mailing list in the future.

Björn Pileryd (bjorn.pileryd at sonyericsson.com) - My responsibility is the software module at SEMC that contains the WebKit library for the OPA based phones. I am involved in the design and implementation of stuff all the way from WebCore up to our UI.

Henrik Baard (henrik.baard at sonyericsson.com) - Have done work on the OPA port, now investigating WebKit Browser on the Android platform.

More members will introduce themselves as they get back to office from their vacations. If you have any questions about this port, we will do our best to answer them.

Best regards,
The WebKit team at Sony Ericsson

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