[webkit-dev] WebKit and Khronos Group

Harry Underwood raynenamibia at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 11:25:30 PDT 2009

Hello all, just a few questions.
I was reading a post on Ars Technica from earlier this
the Khronos Group's announcement of a partnership on WebGL
development with Google, Mozilla and Opera. Weirdly, I didn't see Apple in
that list, or WebKit for that matter.
Is Apple and/or WebKit abstaining from WebGL because Google is promoting a
seemingly-competing product, O3D, as opposed to your efforts with CSS 2D/3D
Transforms and Animations? Or is it because WebGL, as announced by Khronos
Group, simply doesn't yet take CSS (or SVG) into technical account for
hardware accelerated 3D Web graphics?

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