[webkit-dev] Can someone give current status for Webkit/GTK build under mingw

Nevo sakur.deagod at gmail.com
Wed Aug 5 04:01:50 PDT 2009

hi :
   Im not sure if Im asking the right place ....
   Can someone give the current status for Webkit/GTK  build under MinGW ?
   Now I've tried to configure and compile Webkit/gtk 1.1.5 under my Mingw
cross toolchain (gcc 4.2 g++ 4.2 ).  Directly "configure/make" was not
working as I expected, and after some tunings in generated GNUmakefile and
modifications in the code , I was able to compile the webkit libraries. But
interestingly , even with "--enable-shared" , I couldnot produce .dll files
at all, only .a and .la files are placed under .libs dir.
   So if someone can point out which version is supporting MinGW without the
need of hack, that would be helpful . Thanks

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