[webkit-dev] willCacheResponse

Darin Fisher darin at chromium.org
Tue Aug 4 17:35:16 PDT 2009

There is a Mac-only willCacheResponse notification that gets recorded by
several of the layout tests when
layoutTestController.dumpResourceLoadCallbacks(true) is called.  However,
this notification which originates at the ResourceHandle level is currently
#if PLATFORM(MAC).  I noticed that the tests which depend on this
notification are currently skipped on platform/win.  For Chromium, we have
simply rebaselined with the willCacheResponse events excluded.  Having a
separate baseline is unfortunate and not running the tests on platform/win
seems even worse.
I wonder if it wouldn't be better to exclude willCacheResponse by default,
and then only enable it selectively for tests that are about testing it.
 That way, we can un-skip the other tests that only fail on non-Mac as a
side-effect of this notification not being supported.  We could also try to
support willCacheResponse on all platforms, but that seems like a lot of
work for little gain.  Afterall, it is a notification that WebKit doesn't
itself care about.  It is just something provided to the embedder of the
WebKit Framework on Mac.

I didn't see any bugs on file about this issue.

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