[webkit-dev] print file name and line number while executing javascript

Jérôme Lebel jerome at fotonauts.com
Wed Apr 22 02:58:37 PDT 2009


I'm working a very specific platform built on top of Mac OS X. On my  
own platform I need to use WebKit. In order to have WebKit, I've  
redone my own webkit framework (in c++) and my own webkit uses webcore  
framework (almost unchanged) and javascxript core (totally unchanged).

Everything works... almost... I can even display the google map in my  
own platform. I can zoom in, move the map. The only bug is as soon as  
I resize my window, the google map becomes gray. According to my tests  
(using innerHTML), the javascript from google doesn't produce the  
right html. So it doesn't seem to be a display problem. I suspect some  
javascript events are not triggered or may too much javascript events  
are triggered, and then the google map code is confused.

So my question is : Is there a way to do printf in javascript core,  
somewhere, to display all the javascript command executed and also to  
display the file name and the line number where they are?
To solve my problem I wish to compare  a google map being resized  
using the regular webkit (in objective-c for appkit) with my own  
webkit (in c++ for my platform).


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