[webkit-dev] WebKit Layout test failures on Windows

Kulanthaivel kulanth at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 07:05:50 PDT 2009

Recently I downloaded WebKit revision 42567 and built it on windows. When I
tried to run run-webkit-tests script, many of the css tests are failed.

css1/basic/class_as_selector.html -> failed.
css1/basic/comments.html -> failed.
css1/basic/containment.html -> failed.
css1/basic/contextual_selectors.html -> failed.
css1/basic/grouping.html -> failed.
css1/basic/id_as_selector.html -> failed.
css1/basic/inheritance.html -> failed
css1/box_properties .
css1/box_properties/acid_test.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_bottom.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_bottom_inline.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_bottom_width.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_bottom_width_inline.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_color.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_color_inline.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_inline.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_left.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_left_inline.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_left_width.html -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_left_width_inline.html -> failed..
css1/box_properties/border_right.html -> failedml -> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_right_inline.html -> failed> failed.
css1/box_properties/border_right_width.html -> failed-> failed
I guess all these failures are related to incompatible fonts in Windows (The
fonts that are listed in DumpRenderTree.cpp are not available in Windows).
If these are font problems then please suggest me how to get these fonts to
pass the layout tests in Windows.

Thanks & Regards
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