[webkit-dev] make webkit-1.1.3...

Ariya Hidayat ariya.hidayat at trolltech.com
Fri Apr 17 04:43:26 PDT 2009

>     how many time are u make the webkit-1.1.3 ??
>     I always need 3.5 hour for making that !! the almost time is at the
> processing of the JIT.cpp !!
>     I don't know why I need take 3.5 hour just for on file !! the other
> files just take some minutes !!

JIT.cpp works fine for me, it is very fast to compile.
You need to be specific and mention the operating system, platform, compiler, 
compiler version, etc.

Ariya Hidayat, Software Engineer
Qt Software, Nokia Devices R&D

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