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Alexey Proskuryakov ap at webkit.org
Sun Apr 12 23:22:22 PDT 2009


On 13.04.2009, at 3:10, weinig at apple.com wrote:

>         Move more attributes out of JSDOMWindowBase by
>         partially generating them.

We need to do the same to JSWorkerContextBase (which I think will let  
us eliminate it quickly).

> +        attribute MessagePortConstructor MessagePort;
> +
> -        attribute MessagePortConstructor MessagePort;
> +        attribute [JSCCustomGetter] MessageChannelConstructor  
> MessageChannel; // Usable with the new operator
>  #endif

Why this change? It is mentioned in ChangeLog, but with no  
explanation. MessagePort is defined in section 7.3 of HTML5, which is  
not at all surprisingly called "Channel messaging". I suggest undoing  
this change, unless there is a significant reason for it.

>         (WebCore::JSDOMWindow::xMLHttpRequest):


- WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov

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