[webkit-dev] Creating custom DOM events

Ross Lillie ross.lillie at motorola.com
Tue Apr 7 16:10:00 PDT 2009

I have external C++ code that I'm exposing to the JavaScript runtime.  I'd
also like my external code to be able to dispatch custom events via the DOM
event mechanism.  For example

    <element onMyCustomEvent=function() {}>

Now, if I'm beginning to understand Webkit (which is doubtful) it seems that
I need to somehow create a new attribute node that's wired to my external
code and serves as the EventTarget for event dispatches.  I.e. somewhat
similar to how this is described for Mozilla/Gecko

The public interfaces in WebKit don't appear to provide the functionality I
need.  The private interfaces in WebCore appear that they might.  Am I on
the right track?

If so, how are new elements added to the DOM?  Is this the function of the
NamedNodeMap, or am I completely lost in my understanding?  Also, I'm
assuming any custom event must also be registered somewhere.

Thanks in advance for any insight or pointers to more information.

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