[webkit-dev] AppCache functionality provided by the embedder of webkit

Michael Nordman michaeln at google.com
Tue Apr 7 10:52:26 PDT 2009

I'm working on the app cache for Chrome. We've decided to hoist most the
functionality provided by the app cache into Chrome's main browser process,
so we won't be using most of the implementation provided by WebKit. I'd like
to work through what changes to make within WebKit/WebCore to allow an
embedder pull that off. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
In the code base right now, a single compilation flag enables or disables
everything to do with app cache in WebKit, ENABLE(OFFLINE_APPLICATION). This
turns on/off the scriptable interface bits as well as the backend
implementation within webcore. I think I'd like a way to reuse the
scriptable interface related bits provided by webkit, but to slide a chrome
specific implementation under that interface. One thought was
to separate this single flag into two flags, one for the scriptable
interface bits and the other for the back end implementation.

- surfaces the window.applicationCache property
- pulls in the DOMApplicationCache.idl file
- enables event targeting stuff for DOMApplicationCache
- perhaps defines an abstract interface that a c++ class backing
DOMApplicationCache scriptable API must implement

- turns on the rest of the stuff in webkit for app cache, including a
concrete implementation of that abstract interface mentioned above.

Does something along these lines make sense, or perhaps there is another way
to approach this?

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