[webkit-dev] <audio>/<source> and the type attribute

Harold, John-Paul john-paul.harold at emimusic.com
Fri Apr 3 03:08:49 PDT 2009

Hi Eric

> > normally, reading the docs does help :-) However, in my example, I 
> > have previously tried the following,
> >
> > <source src="/media/audio/m4a/9001_10000/9807.m4a" type= 
> "audio/mp4; 
> > codecs=&quot;mp4a.40.2&quot;"/>
> >
> > Using this, Safari stops playing the audio. It works 
> without any type 
> > attribute, but that feels wrong. I'm wondering if my 
> attempts so far 
> > have been using an incorrect mime-type, or/and a wrong codec 
> > declaration.
> >
>    The issue you are seeing here is caused by a problem with 
> WebKit's interaction with QuickTime on the Mac. Can you 
> please file a bug report on <https://bugs.webkit.org/> ?

Yes, I'll do this. 

Does this mean that my guess at a type attribute is correct? If not,
what should it be?

>    Thanks for pointing out the issue,
> eric

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