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Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Tue Sep 30 13:51:24 PDT 2008

On Sep 30, 2008, at 1:48 PM, Jason Hullinger wrote:

> So it does seem possible to initWithFrame with some sort of default  
> values I assume? I've tried to initWithFrame({0, 0, 0, 0}, L"",  
> L""); (or a RECT with the same values) , but it fails at run time.

How exactly does it fail?  It's hard to know what is going wrong  
unless you provide more detailed information about the manner in which  
it is failing.

- Mark

> On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 1:44 PM, Mark Rowe <mrowe at apple.com> wrote:
> On Sep 30, 2008, at 6:59 AM, Adam Roben wrote:
> On Sep 29, 2008, at 12:58 PM, Jason Hullinger wrote:
> (reply all this time)
> Well, it looks like stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString is  
> calling: JSC::JSValue* scriptExecutionResult = coreFrame->loader()- 
> >executeScript(WebCore::String(script), true); The problem, I  
> believe, is that coreFrame (an IWebFrame) is not set to a value  
> because I'm not using an actual frame, or view of any kind. Does  
> anyone know if there is a similar way as a Windows app to do the  
> same as in Cocoa?
> I think you may need to call IWebView::initWithFrame before  
> stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString will work. I'm surprised that  
> isn't required on OS X as well.
> It works on the Mac because when you allocate a WebView using  
> [[WebView alloc] init], the NSView implementation of -init will call  
> into -initWithFrame:.  If you *don't* call -init, you would need to  
> call -initWithFrame: or -initWithFrame:frameName:groupName: on the  
> WebView to initialize it before you could make use of it.
> - Mark
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